How To Unblock Skout

The very popular dating, hooking up and meeting Skout app, is reported to sometimes block people for no apparent reason. It is the most common complaint of Skout users and it is near impossible to have your account reactivated once it has been blocked. Many users report in frustration that email they receive when blocked, which prompts them to send an email to explain what happened in an effort to remove the block, serves no purpose. Reason being that no matter how many emails they send, their account is never reactivated and they receive no response.

The upsetting point is that Skout is one of the best apps for dating and hooking up, but most people seem to use it for sexual reasons. Nothing is wrong with this; however, if you repeat this often then you are likely to be blocked.

Here are some more specific reasons as to why you may be blocked:

– You said something deemed as ‘extremely sexual‘.
– You posted something deemed as ‘extremely sexual‘.
– You requested nude photos
– You in appropriately use the app to solicit sex.
– You posted a very revealing photo of yourself.
– You do not have a profile picture, as this might be considered too weird.
– If you said something very offensive to someone else
– You are reported by someone else for any of the above reasons.

Luckily, you can get back onto Skout once you are blocked.


I DID NOT say you can unblock your Skout account, I specifically said you can get back onto Skout.

My reason for this is that once you are blocked, it is near impossible to unblock an account. As a matter of fact, across several forums and blog posts, I have yet to see anyone reporting that their original account was unblocked. Hence, forget about getting back on with your old account.

Here are 7 ways to you can get back onto Skout:

1) The easiest way reported, is to delete the Skout app and download it anew and create a brand new profile with a different email address. Not very convenient but will probably be your beat and only option once you are blocked.

2) You can hack your phone

Let me just inform you right off the bat that this method is very time consuming and will just make you even more frustrated. Unless you are one of those world class hackers.

Each device comes with its own UIN (Universal Identification Number) which most sites tend to register once you register there. If you are blocked from Skout, you will have to hack your phone to change you UIN to be able to use that device to create a new account. If you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad you will essentially have to Jail Break your phone to change you UIN. If you have an Android you will have to hack into that phone as well. Once the UIN is changed you will be able to use Skout again.

Nevertheless, do not waste precious time searching across the internet for any miracle hack. You will not find one. The UIN must be changed to get back into Skout from the same device.

3) Get a new iPhone

Not very cost effective if you have insurance you can trade it in for a new one, and your account will work on the new device.

4) Get an iPod

If you have an iPod but you were using Skout on another device, then you can download the app and ho ahead and use it.

5) Get an iPad or a new one.

Not very practical simply because you want to go back onto a dating website, but it is an option. Works same as with the iPod, download the app and you are good to go.

6) Get a new Android device

Again not very practical nor cost effective simply to be able to date online, but again an option.

7) Get any other device that will allow you to go ahead and use the app.

Simply download and use the app.

Now, once you have regained access to Skout, just take it easy and be a lot less blatant and more coy. It is relatively a breeze to meet people for whatever purpose on this app, you just have to act normal to maintain a profile. Try not to come across as too hungry for sex and whatever you do, stop asking for nude pictures. Essentially, do not repeat the same behavior that might have gotten you blocked to begin with and you will be ok.