How To Delete Skout

Originally launched into the market of mobile apps in 2007 ia Niklas Lindstrom and Christian Wiklund; Skout was originally a social media network. After a bit of restructuring, the app reemerged in 2009 as a dating app that allows matches to be made by way of a bevy of criteria options. Complete with swipe options and messaging, for many Skout is the only option…but for others, they have had their fill.

Delete Skout

The creative minds behind Skout will be saddened by your decision to leave them, but they do have options for delete Skout accounts. An account can be deactivated by simply visiting the setting section of your profile and then selecting “deactivate account”. Utilizing this option will allow the account to be automatically reactivated once a user logs back in.

Want a more permanent option for the removal of your account? The support team of Skout will guide you through the process once you email them your desires at The support team will ensure that your entire profile and all traces of you on the network have been removed. This is truly a permanent option, therefore should you decide to return, you will have to start completely from scratch.

It is understandable that we all enjoy some time apart from the hustle and bustle of social media, therefore if you simply need to rejuvenate; the first option is the optimal choice for you. Also, should you find a mate, it is best to deactivate your SKout account until your relationship has reached a maturation of at least twelve months. Should things not work in your benefit, you can resume your quest for love and/or companionship just where you left off.

Should you decide that the Skout method is not for you, as stated before, the creators of the app will be sad to see you go; but the permanent removal option will expressly suit your needs.

Do keep in mind that the reply email that is received when requesting a profile deletion will not showcase Skout logos, etc. You will also be requested to fill out a form, with questions that are more invasive than those that are needed to create your profile initially. Therefore, if you tend to be a private person, etc. you may want to choose to deactivate your account and uninstall the app to avoid the temptation of logging back into the account. The account cn and will only become active again when you log in and return it to active. It can lay deactivate and, essentially, dormant for all of eternity if that is within your comfort level.

There have been former users that have reported receiving emails indicating that their accounts had been suspended due to inappropriate content when they contacted support in order to remove their profiles. It is unclear how expressly requesting for the removal of your own profile translates into you inquiring about a suspended account. Never the less, a Skout account will not permanently linger above your head due to the duo of options that are afforded current users that are wavering.